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This year your birthday child and their friends can experience the most exciting birthday party ever!

Looking to change things up this year with something unique that kids love? With a karate birthday party there is no set up, no cleanup and most important, no worries.

Kernersville Core Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Systems will give your child a birthday party that’s fast paced, fun and full of surprises for a lifetime of memories. Birthday kids, and their guests, love our birthday parties because they get to learn COOL new karate kicks and techniques and have a party at the same time. Don’t be shocked if your child’s friends are still talking about the party 6 months from now. 

It starts with a very special Group Karate Lesson that's filled with martial arts games and activities, like how to safely break a board. Your child will be spotlighted as the "assistant" instructor for the day and enjoy a prestigious role on their special day.

After the class, everybody will fill-up food and juice. The main event happens when your child will cut the cake with a REAL SAMURAI SWORD (with the help of one of our Black Belt Instructors). After your child has opened all of his/her presents and thanked their guests, you can head home while we handle the clean-up.

All of our instructors are energetic and enthusiastic (they love parties!). You'll find it'll be one of the most thrilling, totally unique and entertaining birthday celebrations your family and friends have ever experienced.

If you are ready to give your child a celebration that will have their friends talking about for quite some time, then you have to contact us. Different packages and themes are available so schedule your child's Kick’n Karate Birthday Party:

Call 336-793-0878 today!